CSC Website-Contact-Number-Chinese Government Scholarship 2020-2021

250 to 280 universities are affiliated with CGS, and students can get information on CSC Website. CSC has their websites and setup. Meanwhile, universities have their setup. The primary problem student can face a language barrier when they try to get information from CSC website or university websites.

China Scholarship Council is an organization or project of the Ministry of Education under the Chinese Government. It provides Scholarships to students from all over the world. To avail, this scholarship student will register himself/herself to the CSC website.  

China Scholarship Council was founded in 1996 to facilitate the world with new technology, especially countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. 

The Chinese Government’s authority creates many platforms where the students can get all the information they needed. They established their offices in Beijing, and they have many recruitment centers in universities. 

They also created websites for students’ registration; from January to March, the registration procedure will start, and Portal will be open for all that time.

Chinese Government is working on new research projects daily and investing a lot of income of their GDP to the education system. They open new doors to students of the world and average thirty to fifty thousand student gets CSC scholarship every year.

CSC Websites

In China, they use their traditional Chinese language on official websites, so they face problems finding data about academics. The solution is to translate pages of sites into the local language. 

They also have an English version of some sites, but the required data in the English version will be missing. Developers of their websites are not intellectual that they can understand the international student needs.



Students will create their profile for applying to their respective programs; this type of platform on the CSC official website is Portal. This will use from January 2021 to onward next five or six months. 

 Every student has a separate profile and user login where they can apply with complete privacy and security. You need a Mail id or Mail account to create your CSC Login with a single sign up.


When the student has complete documentation and profile on Portal, they fill all the required details on the CSC portal, called registration on the CSC website.


During the applying period, you can change the application material, and later when the given time will be out or ended, you cannot change your documents and information you gave to CSC. China Scholarship Council needs 3 to 4 months to verify or check your application.

Now you can check your application status on Portal that your status is Accepted, Rejected, or in progress.

CSC Laihua

All International students in China or Foreigner students settled in China or came to China. These all are meaning of CSC Laihua. Laihua is a pure simplified Chinese language word used for International students or scholars. 

Chinese people are very welcoming and host. They have a specific cultural living style.   

CSC Contact

Students from All over the world are searching for a scholarship in China, and 280 Universities in China are associated with CSC. It means all applicants want to contact CSC or to try to contact CSC.

Common sense is that CSC Contact is not only one for all. Yes, of course, CSC has many sources of contact. One of the major sources is the eMail address of CSC.

Official CSC Contact is as follow:-

Fax:- 0086-10-66093915

Email:- [email protected]

Email:- [email protected]

CSC Number

Now people can contact each other with eMail or Fax Internationally, not with Numbers. CSC Number exists, but it’s impossible for Institutes to manage contacts with this number.

Because China Scholarship Council is for International people, so the source of contact with International is eMail and Fax officially, from eMail CGS Institute can stably be connected with the world despite only one number.

THE official CSC Number is 0086-10-66093970, and the other one is 0086-10-66093978.

Official Websites

Not only CSC, but you can contact all the associated Universities of CGS, and the list of those Universities are on CSC Official Website. 

Suppose you want to contact CSC Laihua for an MS/Ph.D. Scholarship position in any major of engineering department. Then you must visit the official website of Harbin Engineering University China.

If you are an Agricultural major student, then there is a detailed list of Agriculture Universities in China under CSC. You must visit the website of Anhui Agricultural University China and contact them.

Computer Science related to all other subjects like Information Technology Artificial Intelligence Data Science Software Engineering students must contact Lanzhou University China.

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