CSC Requirements-Eligibility-Details-Documents-Chinese Government Scholarship 2020-2021

Every scholarship council has some requirements and eligibility conditions for their recruitment process. These are must things for applying candidates, and also merit is calculated on this basis. China Scholarship Council is the biggest agency in the world that is offering scholarships to students.

To maintain their standard and merit, they demand eligibility criteria and requirements from the international students. CSC Requirements means the documents and conditions which are necessary for candidates.

China Scholarship Council asks about some necessary documents; otherwise, you are unable to apply for Chinese Government Scholarships 2020-2021. Here we are going to discuss CSC requirements, CSC illegibility, CSC details, and CSC documents.

CSC-Eligibility-Details and Documents-China Scholarship Counsel 2020-2021


For international students, a passport is the first requirement, and it is a must for CSC Apply; otherwise, the application cannot proceed. The China Scholarship Council’s application form required part is a passport, and it is on the first page.

An important concern for newbie students is that the passport must be valid, and it should not be expired because they are not accepting the expiration date of applicants.

Recommendation Letter

Two recommendation letters are necessary to apply for a Chinese Government Scholarship. Letters should be of full professor or associate professor of the respective department of the student.

There are some mistakes from candidates; many students provide recommendation letters to assistant professors or lecturers, which are not acceptable. And many students provide recommendation letters from another department.

For example, a student has a degree in physics, but he or she is providing a recommendation letter from the agriculture department professors. There is a great difference between these two departments, and students should provide a letter from their own department.

Firstly you should understand the meaning of the recommendation letter. What is this letter and they are asking from you? It means where you studied your whole degree professor from that university, and your department tells them about you and your activities.

From this letter, Chinese Government Scholarship authorities and university experts panel will understand about you, and you’re around.

English Proficiency Certificate

From the necessary document list, the English proficiency certificate is the main document they need from you to check your ability to speak and understand English. Because you are applying for an international degree and international language is a must for this.

This certificate will issue from the university where you graduated from. After your degree or in the last semester of your degree, you can get this letter from your university. Any fraud in your document will do you harm. Try to provide them only with original documents, not fake ones.

Study Plan/ Research Proposal 

Chinese professors have the right to know what you will do when you arrive there. I am talking about the study plan or research proposal, which is a significant point in your application. They demand a study plan or research proposal to know about your goals either which type of research you want to do there.

Obviously, it’s a clear indication that you make it super and according to the research values. Please focus on this point and make your plan outstanding on the latest research projects.

Personal Statement

From 280 universities associated with CGS, some of them demand a personal statement from applicants. Many students thought the study or research plan and personal statement is the same, but they aren’t.

There is a difference between both, not a hundred percent different, but they are changed from each other to some extent. Fuzhou University China asked about a personal statement from students and also some universities like Zhejiang University.

You have to discuss you and your study your achievements related to your study and research. Don’t put your hobbies and sports activities there. Your detailed introduction is mandatory in this as a scientist or as an emerging international scholar.

Bachelor Degree/ Notarized

If you are going to apply for master’s studies, you must have your bachelor’s degree. With this degree, you will able to apply for the next degree at the international level. Your bachelor’s degree should be notarized.

If you think of what is a notarized degree, then I try to clear your tension. Notarization means a notary public stamp on your document, which is said to be known as a notarized document or notarization.

You can make it from your local district court, and a lawyer has the authority of notarization. Not a too much expensive process. It might charge 5 to 10 rupees per document. And the document which will be notarized not be original, make a color copy of your degree and notarized it from the court.

Master Degree/ Notarized

If you apply for your post-graduate studies or Ph.D., you need to submit your master’s degree to CSC with notarization. Notary public process is the same as above mentioned. Your documents without a notary public are not acceptable, and if you apply without this will be a wastage of chance.

Provisional Certificate

The degree is a proper document issued from the university for a lifetime and a Chancellor sign. Still, if your degree is on the way or late, then you used another document instead of a degree is known as a provisional certificate.

Provisional certificate issued from university administration when you done your exams and not received your degree. You can also use it in CSC Application if having no degree yet.

Obviously, the provisional certificate should be notarized from courts but not original. You can use its color copy for notarization. Some documents are optional for students. With them, they can get a more positive response to the application.

Curriculum Vitae 

CV is the introduction of anyone; mostly, CV is used to get an acceptance letter from professors at the start of the process. If you want to upload your CV in the application, then you can do it in the last step on CSC Portal.

In the last step, when the system needs uploading of documents with every document’s name, you will never found the name folder of CV to upload here because it is optional. But at the end of the list, you will find other supporting documents where you can upload your CV.

Acceptance Letter

We can say it is optional, but it is too important, and half of the application consumes it. From September to December and sometimes January, Acceptance letter can be taken from professors.

If you put it in your application, it has too much positive effect, and your application will be strong. It’s a reality that students get admission in CSC without an acceptance letter, but we cannot take this lightly.

In CSC Apply, it is briefly described how to get an acceptance letter from Chinese professors and the letter’s communication method and draft.

No Criminal Certificate

NOC (No criminal certificate) is an optional document on applying for CSC Application, but some universities take it as a mandatory document on applying time. NUAA China is one of them demanding a No Criminal Certificate from students on their university registration portal.

You will go to your city police main office and make it from there it’s no longer process and not too expensive for students. But it is necessary for the Chinese to check a person who is entering their country is criminal or not.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

It is not mandatory, but if you have it, then your application will get a high score or positive effect. Now it is trending that top-rated universities in China also make it mandatory for international students.

Some universities in Shanghai province make it mandatory for students to maintain the standard of international level.

Matric and Intermediate 

It is not necessary to upload Matric and intermediate documents, but the information of these classes is required on the application form. While filling the form of application, there is a step of educational background where they asked about these classes, and there were grades with date and time.

Many university registration portals need to upload these documents. They also mentioned the size of the documents and format.

Publications/ Reviews

If you have some publication or review papers, then you must put them into your application. Chinese gave 20,000 to 25000 scholarships every year to internationals. One main reason is to enhance the research power of universities and their country.

If their main reason is research, then tell them you are interested in research and show your publication to them. Obviously, it will affect your application, and this research appeals to them to select you.


A researcher definitely wants to attend conferences to show them his/her research and learn more from the conference. When you attend conferences, you got shields or certificates from authorities if you have any certificate so you must put it into your application.

CSC Application Form

As mentioned above, many universities have their own registration portal after applying for CSC. These university portals need a CSC Application form for their setup.

Please fill in all the information accordingly and ensure that the information should be the same on both portals.

Fee Pay Challan

Approximately thirty to thirty-five universities have an application fee, which is from 400 Chinese Yuan to 1200. You can pay it in the local bank of China recommended by the university.

They ask about it when you are filling the university application form. The soft copy will be uploaded on the portal, and the hard copy to be sent.

CSC Eligibility 

Eligibility criteria consist of some points which are necessary to complete for applying to CSC 2021.



Education -Graduation/Bachelor

Hard Working



China Scholarship Council offers three types of scholarships: “Undergraduate scholarships, Master scholarship and Postgraduate scholarship.”

The age limit for these three is different from each other. For undergraduate scholarships, the maximum age limit is 25 years for both males and females.

Age limit for master’s degree MS/M.Phil. is a maximum of 35 years for both males and females. And for postgraduate studies Ph.D., the age limit is 40 years maximum for both males and females.


For the China Scholarship Council, every year, all international students are eligible to apply. If Chinese students are outside of China, they cannot apply for this scholarship. They are called overseas Chinese students, and there is a separate scholarship for them.

This is only for the Chinese nationals and no discrimination at all.


Education demand for each scholarship category is different from others. For undergraduate studies, the student should have a result card of intermediate with high grades.

Education for master studies required is at least Bachelor in their respective subject with higher grades and if publication then its better.

For Ph.D. studies in China, the education background needed is at least a master’s degree with high scores and publication (if).

Hard Working

It’s the key to success and obviously a gateway to enter China. Without hardworking, you can’t get a scholarship, and if you get it, you can’t sustain it without hard work.

Research Interests

Research is the basic point of getting a scholarship and to maintain it also. They give thousands of scholarships every year, which means they want to research scholarship award winners.

If you get a scholarship and do not well, then its denigration of you and your country.

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