CSC-Medical Form-CSC-Physical Examination Form-Chinese Government Scholarship 2021

China is offering 25000 plus scholarships to international students every year in approximately 280 universities. These scholarships are for Graduate, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. Lucky ones need to fly for China.

Chinese Government Scholarship asked for CSC Medical form to all the students from the world. Obviously, for traveling medical fitness certificate is a must for everyone and especially students in these days of the pandemic situation of Covid-19.

What is CSC Physical Examination form? 

Why is this form necessary?

From where will you download it?

Yes, these are some questions, and many more are in your mind. To solve this situation, here are some basic questions related to CSC Medical Form and their answers.

Question No. 1= Scholarships are still open in China for 2021 after the pandemic of Covid-19?

AnswerYes, scholarships are open in China for session 2020-2021 to all the international students with the same number, but the little difference is in this situation. That is, online classes for all.

 In the previous session, 2019-2020, China gave scholarships as same, but students are in their homeland, and online classes are started. When the situation ends, then they could go to their universities in China.

Question No. 2= How to download CSC Medical Form?

Answer= CSC Physical Examination Form can be downloaded from many sources. CSC website also has access to this link; it means you can also download this form on the official CSC website. Many other sites also have the facility to download the form.

Downloading is simple when you read it, it’s a simple pdf format when you search it on Google then write as” CSC Medical Form, or CSC Physical Examination Form and searches will be in your hand.

Go to that page and click on the download button; the file will be downloaded and save in downloads. Its two pages file with English and Chinese writings.

Question No. 3= Where this Medical form is valid?

Answer= CSC Medical Form is only valid to Chinese Government Scholarship under the Chinese Government and all the universities affiliated with CSC. 

Question No. 4= Validity period of this Medical form?

Answer= This is a matter of health, and a health report is not valid for a long time in any country. So the validity of the CSC Physical Examination Form is only six months. Any serious or common disease can easily affect a human within six months. Chinese authorities decided to set six months of validity of this medical form.

Question No. 5= Format of CGS Medical Form for international students.

Answer= International student medical form for Chinese universities is in pdf format, and this form has only two pages. All required tests and personal details of the student are on two pages. Both English and Chinese language is used in this form.  

Another perspective in format is original and copy; in the online application, you have to upload the original scanned CSC Medical Form, but a hard copy of the medication will not be original. You will send a colored copy of the medical form to the university.

Question No. 6= When will Original Medical Form used.

Answer= After selection, you will receive a Visa application from CSC. Then you will be tested again in the Chinese hospital of the China Embassy, and that Medical clearance form will be used. 

Question No. 7= In which Hospital you have to test?

Answer= Any Government hospital near you is more suitable for your CSC Medical Test. Only public hospitals are allowed to test you. Chinese authorities are clearly directed to test you from public or Government hospital. 

Question No. 8= Can we test ourselves from of city hospital?

AnswerYes, You can test yourself from any Government hospital in your country or province. But if you used your city hospital, this will be better for you. In some sense, the Chinese authority’s count is good, and the major fact is your relief. Your city hospital is nearby to you, and easily you can reach it. 

City hospital is far away from you; your time and distance is a disadvantage for you. If you are domiciled in one city, and your education or job is in another city, then this case is beneficial for you to test yourself from another city.

Question No. 9= Photograph and its Background.

Answer= CSC told the size of the picture it nearby the passport size picture in the front of the medical form. The background of the picture is always white in the Chinese Scholarship Council document list.

Question No. 10= Which types of tests are in the CSC Medical Form?

Answer= Average general tests are all in the list, such as the entire test related to blood, height, weight, current blood pressure, and ECG. Nowadays, the Covid-19 test is more important than these all. So Covid-19 test is necessary two to three times. One is your home and two times in China.

Question No. 11= Any stamp needed? 

Answer= Yes, stamp from hospital authorities needed. Two types of stamps one is on your picture, and the other is after completion of all the tests. Many students have a surgeon stamp on the form, but it clearly mentioned that a Physician stamp is needed.

The medical superintendent and a senior Physician have the authority to stamp on the form. 

Question No. 12= Any Signatures?

AnswerYes, after all the test a senior Physician have asked to mark signature on the form. This is a major and necessary part at the end of form submission in the hospital. Without the signature of the Physician, CSC Physical Examination Form is not accepted.

Question No. 13= Previous year test can submit?

AnswerNo, as mentioned above, the validity of the CSC Medical Form is only six months. It is not acceptable after six months and no previous year attested medical form is accepted.

Question No. 14= One test is acceptable for how many universities?

Answer= In one year, you can apply to three universities under the China Scholarship Council. You can use the CSC Physical Examination Form for all three universities with no need to test three times.

These are all the basic questions regarding the CSC Medical Form, and I hope you are now cleared about this section of scholarship.

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