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It’s two types one is after the Acceptance letter, and the second is a starting point or before the Acceptance letter. For your ease, we divide it into two steps, which are bellowed the lines.

CSC Apply for Acceptance letter

CSC Apply for Registration 

1=CSC Apply for Acceptance letter

Getting a letter of Acceptance is a really hard-working job because, in this process, you have to communicate with a high-grade professor, a person you never met with. In China, they have a totally different culture from all over the world, so many times when you sent emails to professors, they cannot communicate with you in English. 

Under the Chinese Government, more than 270 universities are affiliated with the China Scholarship Council. You have to get a letter from these Universities with your luck and hard work.

There are some steps to getting a letter of Acceptance from Chinese Professors. 

Find Universities

Find Department

Find Faculty

Find Contact List

1= Find Universities

As mentioned above, there are hundreds of universities in CSC, and you have to find them. Many ways to find them on search engines like Google. 

Go to CSC Official Website and find the option of Universities and programs. After clicking on it, you will find a list of CSC affiliated Universities. One more thing that is very important is the universities are categorized in their provinces.

The first page shows the results of the Chinese provinces. When you click any of the provinces, all the Universities of CSC will show you. On the other hand, you can also find the list on many sites that has different layouts. But Universities with provinces are only on CSC Website.

2= Find Department

You can find your respective department on the official website of the university. Chinese universities are in their local languages, and it can be translated by Google translation extension on chrome. For students, it is the toughest work to find faculty of Chinese universities.

One reason is university website pages are in Chinese, and another reason is a difference of setting. For example, many Asian countries have the same layout of websites, but the Chinese have different. 

It takes some time to find faculty. If you are searching for university departments, you must go to the academic page to find what you want.

3= Find Faculty

With time it will be easy for you how to find faculty of Chinese universities. Majorly in academics, you will find Departments, Colleges, or Schools. Click on one of them, and the faculty page will be open.

You can also find faculty on social media platforms, especially on Facebook. There are tons of groups on social media related to Chinese Government Scholarships. Go to the group and search “faculty of Chinese universities” or “faculty of any department,” in results, you will find many institutes’ faculty links.

4= Find Contact/Email List

Getting a letter from professors, you will have to communicate with them, and the only source from where you will contact them is Email. To extract the email of professors from faculty is a basic theme to scrolling all the process. 

Their emails are associated with their universities. For example, if you have a mail id of Yahoo or Gmail, then at the end of your mail or will be. But in this case, all the professors mail id with their university name.

5= Email Sample

A newbie who studied in Asian universities has no experience in how to communicate with international professors. It’s not only chatting, but the student needs to learn how to communicate with international universities’ professors. 

Many Email samples are in the market, and students can easily access them to understand through this or like this, they can chat with them. You can name it greetings in your email body and make it edit with your subject structure.

Don’t call them, “Dear Professor.” It is looking like friendly but uses “Respected Professor” for them. If you have time, then use their name at the start of the greeting. Tell them about their research projects which attract you more towards them, and these research papers or projects should be the latest of them.

6= Acceptance letter Format

In response to your mail, sometimes Chinese professors sent a letter of Acceptance, but some other cases exist in this situation, and these two cases are, they will ask you to send a format of the Acceptance letter, and they will sign on your letter.

Secondly, they will send you the letter’s format and ask you to fill in your information, and they will sign it. If you face-first condition, then go to social media and ask for the university’s Acceptance letter, then fill it.

In the second option, you have to fill the letter accordingly. A misconception is in students, which is why my Acceptance letter is different from those of students. The simple answer is that there are thousands or millions of professors in China, and they have a different mindset.

Yes, it’s possible for your letter could be different from any other student or also be the same.

These all were simple steps of how to apply for an Acceptance letter or CSC Apply process. 

2=CSC Apply for Registration 

Your CSC Application becomes stronger if you have a letter of Acceptance but remember this letter is not necessary for CSC Apply. After having this letter, you have to apply for registration and following the steps of it. 

Application Types

A Type

B Type

C Type

A-Type Application

In CGS, type A has more importance because it has more facilities. Apply can be done through the Embassy of the country. It also has an Application fee of 500 Rupees through any local bank.

 No need to send hard copies to the Embassy before selection for interview. The time period of CGS A-Category is from December to February.  

B-Type Application

It starts from January to March or some time from the end of December to April depends on the policy of the Chinese Government Scholarship every year. B-Category lies under China Scholarship Council but having no air ticket facility. It’s only in A-Category.

Apply will be through CSC Portal, and the process is mentioned in. No application fee for all universities, but some taking it from 400 Yuan to 1200 Chinese Yuan.

C-Type Application 

Through a professor of any Chinese university, this Category scholarship occurs. All the authority will be in the hands of a supervisor who is offering. Many times this type of scholarship needs an Application form despite Portal or any online forum.

CSC Application Status

CSC Portal is for the registration process, connecting scholarship giving authority to students, and a platform where students can get information after applying.

After the CSC Application, candidates need to update their status of the application. There are many signs of CSC Application status which may be unable to understand for candidates.

Students applied on CSC Portal and sometimes also on the university registration portal. CSC has its own Application status, and universities have their separate Application status.  

Here is a list of CSC Application Status and university Application status, which will help you find your progress in the China Scholarship Council.

1= Submitted 

Your side Application is sent to the authorities for checking your documents and Application material. When you submit your Application to CSC Portal and university registration portal, you see your Application status is submitted, and it clearly means your Application is sent to them.

2= Accepted

This Application status clearly means that your Application is accepted. But this is the last step of Application status on the portal. Your documents go through many platforms when status reaches Accepted.

It can show both on CSC Portal and the university portal. It depends on the situation that may only show on CSC or university.

3= In Progress

The second step after submission of the Application is said to be known as In Progress. This step comes after submitted status. It means your application is checking by authorities.

A panel of three to five experts from every department who check your Application and system updated your status as In Progress.

4= In Process

Many students intermix these two CSC Application status terms, which are “In Progress and Process.” In Progress means experts of the university are checking your documents.

In Process means nothing for students. Let me explain the details of this; the meaning of submitted and In-Process is the same that your Application is sent to CSC.

But many students understand it like their documents are under review for checking. Please make sure that its meaning is only your documents to be sent.

5= Academic Review 

Majorly it happens in the university Application portal after submission of Application material. It means your documents are checking by university authorities. 

Many application statuses have the same meaning, like In Progress and Academic Review meanings are the same, but their places are different. In Progress used in CSC portal majorly and Academic Review used in university Application status.

6= Fee to be Paid

Some universities under the Chinese Scholarship Council have application fees, which are approximately thirty to thirty-five in number. If you have an Acceptance letter from one of these universities, you have to pay a Chinese bank fee recommended by the university.

Some universities demand an Application fee at the start of applying, and some demand it after a while. When you apply with complete documents, the status will be submitted or in process. When it is “Pay Application Fee,” it means they are demanding to pay the fee from you.

After that, the status will change into “Fee to be paid,” which means your fee is paid, and they are working on your Application and checking your documents. It also means your status is working, not stopped.

7= Approved

Some status has the same meanings but may have changed their place. The same meaning status is approved and accepted. They both have the same theme but may change their position.

Accepted means you are being selected by CSC, and Approved means also selected, but it shows on the university registration portal.

8= Disapproved 

Any CSC Application status has two things to know, first where it is used, and secondly, what is the meaning of this. Disapproved meaning your Application is not selected or rejected. It mostly shows on the university registration link.

The showing time of this status is near about end of July or August when the university portal decided about your application. In some cases, universities show too early in April and May; Wuhan University is an example.

9= Have entered School

The system is too much updated either it university or CSC system for registration. Furthermore, checking of documents is also a strong aspect of the China Scholarship Council. They have the authorities to maintain this every year on time.

Firstly your Application goes to the university where they check your submission and decide about Accepted or Rejected. If you read your status as “Have entered School,” then it means the university Accepted you and pass your Application to China Scholarship Council now for recommendation and further formalities.

10= Preliminary Admission

It also has the same meaning as the university accepted you and sent your application to the China Scholarship Council for further formalities. 

This sentence is also used on the university registration portal. One more thing which is very important for you all is that “These all CSC Application Status” terms are not only used in one university time by time.

There are 280 universities in China affiliated with China Scholarship Council, and they all used different terms of status them.

11= Withdraw 

It means your CSC Apply is canceled but not from China Scholarship Council or university. Yes, Withdraw means you canceled your Apply on the portal.

It’s an option for students. If they make any mistake or want to change anything from the portal, they can withdraw and edit it. In some cases, candidates withdraw their Applications, and the situations may be different from each other.  

If he or she is accepted from any university, then they can withdraw all other two Applications. If they have made any mistake in the portal, they can also withdraw it and edit it easily after that. 

12= Not Submitted

Some words have clear meanings in them if you only read headings. This CSC Application Status is like that, Not submitted clearly means your Application is not submitted to them or not reached to them.

This mostly shows on CSC Portal, and the question is why this status shows on? 

The simple answer is,” portal has options to submit documents; some options are necessary, and some are optional. If you leave some options which are necessary and you try to submit your application, then this status will show to you, which means your’re apply is not submitted yet.” 

13= My status Disappearing

After CSC, Apply if your portal showing this status then it may not belong to CSC. Maybe it is related to your net. 

You should change your internet browser, and the problem will end soon with the availability of a good browser setting.

14= Final Result Unreleased/ Unrelated

When you read this on your portal, one thing is clear: your application is not rejected yet, and authorities are working on it. The final result unreleased or unrelated, meaning your application status is waiting for the result.

It may accept or Reject after this status, but it’s a good sign at all, and you need to wait only.

15= Return off

You need to read all instructions carefully when you are applying. Because when you miss any important option or any important document, then it may cause danger for your future.

When CSC checking your application material and found something missing which they required from you, then they send back your documents to the university, and the university shows this status on your portal.

This sign is not good for your future, and it will be totally your ignorance.

16= Application Submitted Successfully

At the start of the application period status, you will see it on the portal. This could be on both places of China Scholarship Council and also on the University Registration portal.

It clearly means that your application is submitted from your side, and their system received your documents. You can also change your information on your portal after this status if you have time for the deadline. 

17= Unverified

Mostly it shows on the university portal and not a good sign for candidates if it is still showing in July and August. Unverified means your Application is not checked now.

Some universities show this, and many universities didn’t update their portal after “In Process.”

18= Filled In 

Filled in means your Application started but not completely. It means there is more space or need in your application to be filled.

You have to fill all the documents accordingly, all options as well. This status sign is too bad for candidates at the start of their interaction with authorities who have the power to accept them and those who are checking your application.

19= Untreated

It means your application is on the list but not checked yet. It has two meanings. One is your application not checked, but soon it will be in the list of checking applications.

Another meaning is your documents are not checked yet and will not be on the list of checking material. 

These are all CSC Application status terms and their answers in detail if you found one of them on your portal, you can easily understand what they are talking about.  

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