Abdus Salam Scholarship

Abdus Salam Scholarship

Scholarship Description

Abdus Salam was a great scientist who won Nobel Prize in Physics after big achievements. He was well known Pakistani Scientist born in Jhang, Punjab, Pakistan. We believe that what’s good for students is good for everyone: schools, employers, community, and other students. That’s why we are not only helping students find jobs & internships, but also offer scholarships to help fund their education. We have awarded more than $1,600,000 in scholarships and student activities through our program to date.

As a job and internship resource, our scholarships are for students who will be exemplary candidates in their field when the time comes to find an internship or job. This means that we evaluate applicants with the eye of a hiring manager, so: watch your grammar, check your spelling, put your best accomplishments forward and you may get paid for thinking about your future!

Eligibility requirements:

This Scholarship is open for all nationalities.

Age restriction is 25 for Bachelors 35 for Masters and 40 for PhD.

You should have all the documents required for apply.

All majors included in this scholarship.

How to Apply

Please read all instructions carefully:-

If you are illegible for Abdus Salam Scholarship then you must fulfill some criteria for your admission in scholarship.

Simply you need you send your required documents to the given Email address [email protected]

Where ever you find the advertisement of Abdus Salam Scholarship you should read all information and criteria carefully and contact to the given Email.

Authorities will ask you some questions and will update you with your current status in the application.

Please fill all the asked questions with detailed and satisfactory answers.

More details on making a great Abdus Salam Profile:

Official Scholarship Rules:

About Abdus Salam Scholarship

Founded in 1999, Abdus Salam Scholarship idea, (www.zainbo.com.com) is an online professional platform that connects students, faculty, alumni and employers through customized career networks at colleges and professional organizations across the country. Today, Abdus Salam Scholarships powers the largest number of career networks on the internet, using its patented process to deliver thousands of exclusive opportunities to students and alumni. Its proprietary platform and job distribution technology translate into substantive job content for job seekers and into more qualified applicants for employers. Abdus Salam Scholarship unique approach is patented under U.S. Patent Number. Abdus Salam Scholarship is certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council.